All through its long corporate history, Bakels Group has always been at the front when the goal was finding solutions to bakery-related problems. 

All Bakels Group manufacturing companies operate proprietary research and development to meet their individual needs. Designated central business divisions are responsible for profound research & product development and will pass their findings and knowledge on to other companies within the group. 

The overall comprehensive research and product development activities are coordinated by Bakels Research Group, which is also responsible for high-quality research and product development with respect to raw materials and production processes. Close coordination between local companies and the central research institution ensures Bakels Group affiliates really are

"Thinking globally - Working locally".


Qualified and loyal employees, a global network and strong affiliates that compare their always up-to-date knowledge and skills - this  entire combination ensures Bakels Group to be and remain a first choice supplier for the baking and confectionary industry.